The Importance Of Your Local Florist

Let's explore why your local florist is worth supporting regardless of occasion or season.

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In this complex and messy world that we live in, we sometimes hear the phrase "stop and smell the flowers." When you really think about it, isn't it a good thing to stop and smell the flowers? Whether you've had a flower delivery to your house or happen to encounter them on the road, the result is the same: peace.

But who makes this happen? It is your local florists and flower experts who are all part of an industry worth more than $100 billion. They are the arrangement makers, color providers, and delivery people. Without them, you'd be stuck having to order flowers from a robot or standard corporate site with minimal selection. There is something about their human touch and eye that we'd miss.

Let's explore why local florists are so important:

They're A Part Of Your Local Economy

Even if you live in a large city, you still have local businesses that provide unique services. These people are a part of your local economy and are there to help you out. Just like you would go to a trusted lawyer for legal advice, so would you consult a reputable florist for a lovely flower arrangement. They may even show up at your events to celebrate with you!

Florists Are Skilled Artisans

Arranging flowers might not seem like a lot of work, but if you try to do it you'll more than likely fail. From not understanding how to arrange and cut flowers to improperly storing them, at the end of the day, a professional florist is there to help you out. This is because they are skilled artisans that have been practicing their craft for a long time. In some cases, your local florist might even have a form of licensure or certification.

Helping With Occasions Big And Small

Flowers may not seem like a big deal until you live in a world without them. From buying a woman's corsage for prom to getting the perfect Valentine's Day arrangement, your local florist is the person to tailor your needs to flowers that you want. The big companies and box stores can try to help, but all they can really offer is a mass standardized product. Being able to interact with someone one-on-one through life's celebrations and tragedies quickly becomes a blessing.

Get A Superior Product For Less Money

Local florists not only know how to arrange flowers and sell them, but they may also grow them as well. Since many florists got their start in horticulture or gardening, they tend to own their own greenhouses. Here they grow specific types of flowers or practice making their roses "just right." Since they don't have to pay middlemen to advertise, store, or package their flowers, they end up being able to give you a superior product for less money. There's no need to use a coupon, old age discount, or trying to sweet talk them; it's just another perk of dealing with a local florist.

They Really Are The Whole Bouquet

When dealing with local florists, consider yourself privileged to get "the whole bouquet" in one package. Not only do you get better customer service by interacting with a small business, but many times you end up getting a superior product for less money. Florists are great at what they do and deserve to be compensated for it. Support your local economy -- and your local florist -- by contacting the experts at Plantation Flowers and Designs.

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