The Most Popular Flowers for Dads

Flowers are equally for all, & do the same job for everyone, show your sentiments. Here is a list of the best Father’s day flower delivery in and around The Villages Fl.

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With Father’s Day coming around soon we all are reminded of our Dad’s, their affection, handwork and efforts. Some of us have a great relationship with our parents, and for some its a different story. Flowers are a great way to express your feelings and to start building a relationship with our loved ones. We must normalizr flowers for men, we take flowers to be a femine thing but that's really not the case. Flowers are equally for all, and do the same job for everyone, show your sentiments. Here is a list of the best Father’s day flower delivery in and around The villages Fl.

Zen garden

Tiny, simple, easy to maintain succulents, arranged in a rectangular or round pot. You can combine not one but 4 or even more succulents in a pot depending upon the size of the planter. Succulents are long lasting, some of them even bear flowers, so it makes a subtle way to introduce flowers to Dads and men in general. Succulents can be kept around the house, on your desk. Or anywhere they can receive some good sun. Some succulents that go well together are Agave, Aeonium and Aloe.

Orchid garden

These spectacular flowers are not in your face rather they are subtle and soft, this can also be repotted, and would produce blooms over time. Orchids are commonly seen in two colors: purple and white. You can go for a Potted Phalaenopsis Orchid or you can create a centerpiece by putting together orchids, hydrangeas and palm leaves. This would be an amazing centerpiece and can be kept around the house for decor. Orchids are known for being rare, simple, and bear smaller leaves on tall steam. You can find a perfectly curated bouquet from our Flower Shop in The Villages FL.

Tropical garden

This bunch is completely different from the floral arrangements we see around us, this has tropical flowers that are neutral and have deeper tones. For this bouquet you can pick Bird of paradise, it definitely looks like a bird, rubber plant leaves, red roses for color and pincushion. This has the tones of deep green, red and orange. Bird of paradise symbolizes freedom and its time we free ourselves and celebrate life and love. Red roses are a symbol of love, and should be incorporated with this arrangement to give it a pop of color.

Forever Garden

This super elegant flower argument must have tones of white, hint of green and some blue. Basically a garden represented in a flower bouquet! This also has a well balanced tone hence it won't be overwhelming just the right amount. To create this garden you can put together some green Hydrangeas, white gladiolus, green stalk and blue hyacinth. If you don't mind some more color you could also add yellow roses or gerbera daisy as a brightening effect.

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