Best Christmas Flowers to Buy This Festive Season

Here’s a quick guide about the best Christmas flowers that you should buy this season.

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Christmas is the most favorite time of the year for all of us, and exchanging gifts constitutes a large part of the celebration. Flowers have always been, and still are one of the most popular and versatile gifts, and Christmas is no exception. Well, not only for gifting, but we love having flowers around us for decorations too, during the festive season. Here’s a quick guide about the best Christmas flowers that you should buy this season.


    Poinsettias are pretty much considered to be the official flower of Christmas. These flowers bloom in winter months across the country. The bright red color along with the golden center perfectly reflects the festive spirits of Christmas. Red and golden are in fact the most popular ornament colors for a Christmas tree as well. Christmas flowers delivery in The Villages FL is incomplete without poinsettia from our special Christmas collection.


      Red amaryllis flowers are almost as popular as red Poinsettias. These small bulbous blooms also come in pink, white, and other shades. Because they grow in the winter months of November and December, they are very popular as seasonal flowers for Christmas. Plus, the bright colors are perfectly suited for the festive occasions.

      Cymbidium Orchids

        Cymbidium Orchids are another popular Christmas decoration flowers that you should consider having during the festive season. Orchids can stay fresh for weeks, even months when properly taken care of. This is why, buying cymbidium orchids will let you enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers for a long time. Wondering where to get them? We are one of the most popular The Villages FL florists who cater to all your floral needs. Check out our collection of Christmas flower bouquets including Cymbidium Orchids now!


          Pansies are another Christmas decoration flowers that look amazing in small pots, containers, or flower baskets. These dual-toned flowers come in a variety of colors including red, white, yellow, orange, and more. Red pansies with gold or yellow centers are the most popular ones for Christmas, and you can also use potted pansies for gift-giving during the festive season.


            Paperwhite flowers are another highly popular Christmas flowers that everyone love. These tiny flowers come in stark white color, as the name suggest. Another variation of paperwhites come with yellow center and white petals. These flowers make excellent gifts as potted plants. 

            When it comes to The Villages flower delivery of Christmas-Specials, we are the local favorites. So, whether you’re looking for floral gifts, Christmas centerpieces, or decorating flowers, check out our collection first!

            Christmas Cactus

              Christmas Cactus is a popular Christmas plant that people love to exchange among them as gifts during the festive season. This cactus plant breaks into beautiful, colorful flowers during the blooming season. And the best part is, they will stay lively with the minimal amount of care for years. So, when you gift it to someone, this will keep reminding them about you for a long time. Now that’s worth the price tag, isn’t it?

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